Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips

In online casino, you may familiar with card games or slot games. However, casino table game is not only about card games because there is also a dice game. One of the most commonly known casino dice game is Sic Bo. Sic bo is an oriental casino game which uses three dice with unique table layout. The game is mostly popular in Asia, especially Macau casino. Actually, Sic Bo is a game of luck but you need to get ready to win Sic Bo with these tips and to have best move to win in sic bo game.

Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips

Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips
Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips

Betting on Small or Big

In playing Sic Bo, the best betting that the players can choose is either small bet or big bet. The chance of winning is higher for the small or big bet. Small bet is when the players expect that the total sum of the three dice is around 4 to 10. Meanwhile, big bet is when they expect on around 11 to 17. The name itself can describe the aim of each bet. For the big bet, the odds are 1:1 so the players have less winning money compared to the small bet. Yet, the chance of winning is greater.

In Sic Bo rules, you may realize that placing bet on single number can make you win more money than the average. However, the opportunity to win on single number betting is lower. Therefore, if you want to bet on single number, you need to focus only at single dice and predict which number that will up.

Using Combinations Betting

As its name, for the combination bet, the players place their bet on two numbers. By this betting, the players have house edge only around 2.77% while the odds is 6:1. It means, among the seven bets, you are expected to win at least once. If you want to success with combination bet, you need to use this betting frequently. Moreover, if you also want to be master of sic bo, then combination bet is far riskier compared to the other bet.

Avoid the Triples Bet

Not only betting on two numbers, the players are also able to bet on three numbers. However, it is very risky since the odd is 180:1. It means, if you lose, you will lose all your money. Because of its risk, many Sic Bo players tend to avoid this kind of betting. So, if you want to win the sic bo, it is better to avoid the triples bet. It is riskier than you think.

Betting System Is Not Always Work

The players can use betting system during playing sic bo, similar to the other casino games. Nevertheless, you need to realize that the betting system will not always work well. In other words, sic bo betting system will not guarantee any profit. Sic bo is about luck so that using betting system will not always work as you are expected. Therefore, sometimes you may believe in your luck rather than using strategies.

Get ready to win sic bo with these casino tips for beginners will lead you into the good play of sic bo. No need to worry about winning big or small, since it is a game of luck, successfully win the game is already a good thing for you.

How to Win at Roulette: 5 Simple Steps

Roulette is a classic casino games. This game has played since shield was the main weapon war era until the era of bullet proof vest. It does not mean that roulette is a casino game for elderly. Knowing how to win at roulette: 5 simple steps will help you and other beginners at online casino gaining much cash in online roulette.

How to Win at Roulette: 5 Simple Steps

How to Win at Roulette: 5 Simple Steps
How to Win at Roulette: 5 Simple Steps

Understand How to Manage Your Bankroll

Let us start with knowing brief definition of bankroll. Bankroll is a set amount of own allocated money that you will spend in either online casino or land based casino. Keep your eyes on word “own money”. It shows that you should play with money that you can afford. If you don’t do it, you put yourself in trouble.

Determine until your single bet will help your age in the game. If you have intention to play in 4 rounds, we suggest to split your bankroll to four allocation. For instance, your budget is 400 dollar, it means each round you have 100 dollar as the maximum wager.

Plan When You Quit the Game

Quit? It sounds that you never plan it in casino games. Mostly, bettors are done with the game when they run out of money. That is why you should make a plan before you run out of money. Nobody knows when luck is not on your side.

You can do it by making two parameters. In here, we call it upper limit zone and lower limit zone. Take an example that you set 75 dollar as your lower limit zone parameter. It means that your loss should not exceed 75 dollar. It also applies on the upper limit zone.

Decide Whether You Play in American or European Roulette

It is a public secret that American and European roulette is the most famous roulette version among gambling gamblers. You should know the positive and negative side before you decide playing roulette.

American Roulette has 38 pockets whereas European has 37 pockets. The distinction is the number of green pocket. American has two pockets while European has one pocket. Both of them has different version which influence the result.

Decide Your Strategy

Even though luck has great role on roulette game in this top casino online website, it does not mean that you neglect strategy in roulette. There are a lot of strategies on Internet, but we will not discuss it in this occasion. There are two strategies which is popularly used. First is a strategy that bettors should double the bet regardless loss or win and the second is a strategy that bettors double the bet when they face lose.

Get Your Online Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos always offer interesting bonuses and promotions which will please you. This two features will strengthen your bankroll and increase your money with beautiful live dealers. Even though it is not easy way, we suggest you to get all bonuses and promotions inside roulette game or casinos.

Follow how to win at roulette: 5 simple steps above and get the cash from Roulette. Play in and you feel the different experience.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia because players stand a chance to play the most popular casino games online. You also get the chance to bet real money in the form of credits and gain a chance to hit the jackpot. This legit website guarantees 100% safety when you play any online game through their portal.

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia
QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia

It is not only the fact that you can play any of the casino games that you love that is attractive, even the promotions that are available are equally attractive as well. A player can avail the benefits and take advantage of the various promotions even if they are playing through their smart phone.

Download the compatible gaming app

In order to get started and play the online games through your smartphone, in this mobile casino the first thing that you would need to do is download the gaming app of QQ808. The app developers have made it a point to ensure that you can play your favorite casino game through any smartphone platform. Whether you have an IOS or an Android or even if you want to play through your desktop, you have all the options available for you at your disposal.

Easy installation procedure with user-friendly instructions

One of the best things about the different apps available on QQ808 is that the installation procedure is very easy. The instructions are provided at every step of the installation so that the QQ808 is installed accordingly. Once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up for the membership and start playing your favorite game whenever you want.

The best part about the app is that you do not have to download any games; instead, you can play the games of your choice whenever you want through the app itself. QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia has a special and qualified team that caters to the various app development needs. This team focuses to ensure that the apps are updated on a regular basis so that you get a better experience when you play the online casino games of your choice.

Awesome promotions and a variety of mobile casino games

QQ808 brings to you a variety of casino betting games that you can play through the mobile app. It is also offers you various types of promotions that can help you play your game even better. Through these promotions, you not only stand a better chance of winning your game, but also get many bonuses that you can use to your benefit.

In some cases, you may also get a code that you would need to use before you start your game play. For people who sign up for the first time, the welcome bonus helps to boost your game play in many ways. Even on a daily basis, you can avail various types of promotional benefits that can come in handy whenever you are playing.

This special promotions of Malaysia casino website are another thing that is offered by QQ808 Top Casino Online Betting Games Casino Mobile in Malaysia. Whether you think about topping up your account balance, redeem the bonus or during any festive season, you stand to gain in many ways. This further enhances the chances to win better and convert your winnings into real money during the time of withdrawal.

Interesting Facts about Slot Game

As the casino player, you must be familiar in playing online slot games since the games are pretty popular in the casino itself. Besides, Slot games are mostly easy to play and you might win lots of money easily. However, not all players know the interesting facts about Slot game. Keep reading to find out more!

Interesting Facts about Slot Game

Interesting Facts about Slot Game
Interesting Facts about Slot Game
  1. You Cannot Always Win

You might know that Slot games can make you rich in no time. However, this kind of point of view is not perfectly correct since many Slot players play the game several times before acquiring the winning. Besides, playing the Slot games several times does not guarantee you to win big.

It is possible since the Slot games use certain software called Random Number Generator or RNG. This kind of software ensures you that the outcome that you get later on is always random. Therefore, it is true that some Slot players say that playing the Slot games depends on your luck only.


  1. Some Slot Players Do Not Know What They are Playing

Some Slot players agree that they do not know what type of Slot game they are playing with. As long as they play the game and able to gain the money, they will stick to the machine without knowing what they are doing. Actually, this is a very risky move since if you do not know what kind of Slot game you are playing with, you will not able to gain more advantages over the game. In the worst case, you will risk losing all of your money.


  1. Strategies Won’t Work

As previously mentioned, Slot games are using RNG as their software. By using this software, you cannot apply a certain kind of strategy since it will be no use here. The outcome of the Slot game will be random and independent. It means that the outcome will not be affected by the previous outcome and it will not affect the future outcome. If you have a strategy learnt from a certain website on the internet, you need to remove it from your head since you will not get anything from it.


  1. You Need to Stay Low

Some Slot players say that to win the Slot games, you need place the maximum get to get the outcome. It turns out that this belief is rejected by RNG since the amount of bet you place will not affect the outcome that you will get later on. Other than that, you will need to place minimum bets in playing Slot games since you will get steadier outcome even if it is not big enough. Besides, placing the minimum bet here will be very beneficial to safe your bankroll, especially when you have limited amount of bankroll to play the game.


Those interesting facts about Slot game will surely enrich and broaden your knowledge. If you know and understand about those facts, instead playing the games recklessly, you might be able to discover the way to win more money by playing the games.

Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?

In the slots world, there are some types of slots machine, however the most common is the classic slots and modern slots. The classic slot is also known as reels while the modern slot is known as video slot. From its name, it is clear that the classic slots is older than the modern slots. Nevertheless, there are many slot players who still play the classic slots. So, actually Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better? Here, the answer is revealed in playing online slot.

Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?

Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?
Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?

The Pay Line

Talking about slots game also means talking about pay line. Each slot machine has different options of pay line. Modern slots have more pay lines options than the classic slot machine does. The classic slot mostly has only one pay lines for the three reels but some machines also have three or even five pay lines. Meanwhile, the modern slots have hundreds and even thousands pay lines for each spin.

The Jackpot

Both of Classic slots and modern slots offer the progressive slot machines. Regarding the jackpot values, both of the slots give similar value. Nevertheless, some slot games only give the opportunity to win the game if the players activate all the pay lines or put the maximum. So, before playing the progressive slot, you should read the pay tables and the rules so you know how you will play the game and how big your chance is.

The Bonus

Online slot games is excel in giving bonuses. However, comparing the classic and modern slots, the modern slots have more bonuses. The bonus from classic slots may only in the form of free spinning but in the modern slots, the bonus is in the form of free spinning and also bonus round. Therefore, if you are looking for more excitement and high chance of getting the bonuses, the modern slot suits you best.

The Theme

Slot games are famous for the captivating different themes for each game. However, most of the classic slots do not use a theme. Classic slots offer the slot symbols only as the imagery. Meanwhile, modern slot is the opposite. It offers more realistic symbols along with the fascinating theme. So, in the aspect of the theme, the modern slot is more preferable.

The New Released

Slot game has many lovers therefore many slots game providers always create new slot games for a certain length of time. Since the modern slot is getting popular, the providers tend to release a new slot games for modern slot more often than the classic slot. So, if you look for more various and unique games, the modern slot offers more than the classic slot. Every month, there will be new slots game with different theme yet fun to play.

So, Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better? actually both of them are the best and real slot. Actually, the modern slots have more privilege compared to the classic slot. However, the classic slot still has its appeal to the casino players. As a fact, there are many players still fond of the classic slot. Basically, it depends on your taste.

Facts about Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots are the most popular Slot game played by lots of players. They believe that progressive Slot give them better payment than the regular Slot games. However, that belief cannot be fully trusted, why is that so? Do you also know that there are some other facts about progressive Slots?

Facts about Progressive Slots

Facts about Progressive Slots
Facts about Progressive Slots
  1. Always Bet Max is not Always Right

Some people say that to win in the progressive Slot, you need to place the maximum bet all the time. In other cases, you will be able to trigger the mega jackpot that will give you lots of money at the end. Actually, this kind of belief is not really true since all of the Slot machines use RNG as their software.

RNG itself is computerized software that works to generate the outcome of the machine. This RNG makes sure that the outcome will be totally random. By placing the maximum bet, you cannot be sure that you will win big in the progressive Slot games since the amount of money you place will not affect the RNG.

Besides, you will be likely to lose all of your money when you always place the maximum bet here, especially if you have limited amount of bankroll. You need to remember that since the amount of money you bet in progressive Slots will not affect the outcome, you can place the minimum bet in ope to acquire a huge amount of money in returns.


  1. You cannot Use Strategies

There are numerous Slot strategies presented on the internet to beat the machine, especially progressive Slots. However, you cannot trust them easily and you can say good-bye to them since they will be no use at all.

As previously mentioned, Slot machines use RNG as their software and the outcome will be random. It means that you cannot use some sort of strategies here since they will not affect the RNG too. It will be wise to say that in playing all of Slot games, you need to depend on your luck.


  1. Any Slot Type can be Progressive Slot

Some Slot players may think that there is some sort of certain progressive slot machines to be played. Actually, any slot machine can be progressive Slot even in the classic Slot games. To spot the progressive Slot games, you need to pay attention to the sign in the land based casino since they will inform you about the Slot machine you are playing with.

On the other hand, when you play the Slot games in the online casino, you will need to locate the progressive Slot games in a certain menu. If you cannot find the progressive Slot games in both casinos, you just need to play random machine and you can tell whether that Slot game is the progressive Slot game or not.

The facts about progressive Slots have been presented and by knowing them, it is the online slot game that has high winning odds you need to be very careful when you place your bet later on. Besides, progressive Slots should be avoided if possible since they are very risky to play, especially when you do not have enough bankroll to begin with.

Tips to Win Lots of Money in Online Fan Tan

Online Fan Tan is one of the easy online casino games to play especially in this top casino online website. In Fan Tan, you just need to predict the number of buttons that will come out at the end of the game. However, it is not that easy and you need to pay attention to these tips to win lots of money in online Fan Tan and having a good experience about this game.

Tips to Win Lots of Money in Online Fan Tan

Tips to Win Lots of Money in Online Fan Tan
Tips to Win Lots of Money in Online Fan Tan
  1. Look for Bonuses

Online casino sites are known for numerous bonuses that they offer to the players. The bonuses are not limited for a certain game, but they have various bonuses for all kinds of games. Mostly, the bonuses can be acquired by making deposit and some bonuses are given to you freely in a certain period of time.

To win lots of money in online Fan Tan, you can make use of those bonuses to play the game. The bonuses will let you play the game for free and if you are able to win, you will acquire the money without spending any.


  1. Define Your Bankroll

Bankroll management in every online casino games is very important. The bankroll here will tell you how much money you can afford in playing the game. Therefore, you cannot exceed the bankroll and you need to manage them carefully to avoid being bankrupt.

The bankroll management is also very useful in playing online Fan Tan. It is important since you may not win the game straight away and you will need to play the game several times before winning. If you are being sloppy with your bankroll, you will end up losing them all and you will not win in the game too.


  1. Know When to Stop

Some online casino players are addicted in making the money by playing the online casino games. Some of them become very curious of the next result of the game and they end up playing the game over and over again.

To prevent the same actions, you need to have the clear cut on when to stop playing the online casino games, including Fan Tan. In some situations, you are suggested to stop when you do not see yourself winning the game. Other than that, you are suggested to stop when you have exceeded your bankroll.


  1. Practice More

The last tips in playing online Fan Tan to win lots of money is to practice the game more. It is very useful since you will be able to increase your skill in this Fan Tan game and you will know what kind of bet you need to place.

To practice the game, you are suggested to make use of the free game feature offered by many online casino sites. In the free game feature, you will be able to play online Fan Tan for free for several times using the imaginary money. You will be able to try placing various bets here and you will be able to discover which bet has highly chance of winning.

Those are the tips to win lots of money in online Fan Tan. If you want to discover your own way in winning the game or playing online casino games you are suggested to be familiar with the game and at the end you will know how to beat the game.

How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat

What do you know from baccarat? Yes, it is a casino card game that will ask you to choose which hand, banker or player that has bigger value. However, there are so many types of baccarat for those who are beginners at online casino one of them is 7 seat baccarat. Here is how to play 7 seat baccarat, so you can choose it in the next betting time.

How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat

How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat
How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat
  • Deposit an Enough Amount of Money

This is an important thing to do. You should deposit an enough amount of money. Because in this game you will take turn with other six players, you should place your bet seven times, including on your turn. If you fail to place a bet, you will be considered not playing and will be automatically replaced by other player. So make sure that you deposit enough money to play in this game, at least until one round is finished.

  • Start to Count

In 7 Seat Baccarat, you must build a hand with value as close as possible to nine. The cards will be:

  • Ace : one
  • 2-9 : as it is
  • 10-King : zero

How if you get ten or more value cards? What will be used is just the last number or in the other words you should subtract the value with ten. For example, if you have 11 value cards, it will just be considered as one because the last number is one and 11-10 is one.

  • Choose which Hands

Just similar to the classic baccarat, you should choose between player’s (may be yours) or banker’s hand that have cards closely to nine. You can also make a tie bet in this kind of game. You will get two cards and you will predict which one is closely to nine. If you win the winning money will be paid 2:1 and if you bet in the tie and you are success, the payouts will be 8:1.

  • Side Bets

The interesting from this game is its side bets. You can play Banker Pair, Either Pair, Player Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small side bets. You can play them along with the main bet or just do the side bet. Those bets are related to the first two cards dealt. It will add more fun and of course more money.

  • Split Card

To increase your winning, this is a fair way in playing baccarat game. Usually the game will use more than one deck of cards that will be shuffled in front of the players. Then, to make it fairer and failed your counting –card strategy, if you use it, the dealer will announce that the cards will be shuffled when split card is drawn. All of the cards will be taken and will be shuffled in front of the players, so you can watch the fair shuffling process.

Now you know how to play 7 seat baccarat, then what are you waiting for? Let’s start to play the game and get those bunch of jackpot. Just have some fun and the fund will be yours.

Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot

More and more online slot games are offered by many online casinos. The slot games are suitable for those who are new to online casino realms since the slot games are pretty simple. If you are interested, you need to know the Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot to be able to win.

Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot

Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot
Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot
  1. Choose the Correct Online Casino

The first tip suggested to you is to find the correct online casino to play the online slot games. Finding the correct online casino that has high winning odds is important here since not all of the online casinos can be trusted. Some of them use the fake site and banks to lure you in and drain your money with the scamming attempt.

Besides, the online casino that you choose should have a huge number of slot games that you can choose. The different variations of online slot games they offer will give you the privilege to choose the suitable online slot games for you. Besides, you can change from the classic slot into the modern slot and vice versa easily within the online casino that you have chosen.

  1. Define Your Bankroll

The next tip to help you win in playing the online slot games is to define the bankroll. The bankroll here is the money that you will lose before winning the game and it is important since the online slot games are varied and need different amount of bankroll. The classic slot, for example, needs to be played several times before you are able to win here since it has one payline to bet on. Besides, you need to place the minimum bet here since you won’t need to trigger a certain bonus games like in the modern slot games.

  1. Know When to Stop

It is not a secret that online slot game players are mostly addicted to the games. It is because the players cannot predict the outcome and they are curious on what will come next. Therefore, they tend to play again and again in hope that they will win big in the next round.

This case is also applicable when the players have won the game since they will aim for bigger winning. Those kinds of acts are wrong since the winning are independent and they are not related to the previous winning and it cannot be re triggered.

To avoid such addictions, you are suggested to stop playing the games when you do not see yourself winning the games. Besides, you are suggested to stop when you are ahead since you won’t be able to trigger the bigger winning. Lastly, you are suggested to stop playing the online slot games when you have exceeded your bankroll to avoid losing more money in the process.

Those are Tips that you can use in playing Online Slot. Other than that, you are advised to try different kinds of online slot games to be familiar with the games and discover the best and real slot website and suitable online slot game for yourself.

4 Methods Other Than Card Counting That Will Help You in Blackjack

Everybody knows blackjack and the famed card counting strategy for it. Even though it is the most famous tactic, there are actually many methods other than card counting that will help you in blackjack. Don’t just stick to one strategy and get stuck, learn 4 Methods Other Than Card Counting That Will Help You in Blackjack beginners at online casino to win blackjack right below.

4 Methods Other Than Card Counting That Will Help You in Blackjack

4 Methods Other Than Card Counting That Will Help You in Blackjack
4 Methods Other Than Card Counting That Will Help You in Blackjack
  • Money Management

Playing skills alone won’t help bettors to profit. In fact, money management does the justice. Without money management, it’s hard to control impulse especially on excitement. So, make sure to manage your money before playing by limiting bet money to use. This bet money has to a sum you can spend without cutting any needs or expenses – that’s the point; this strategy helps bettors avoid bankruptcy, so doing the opposite would fail the system. Also, stop playing as soon you have reached the limit to avoid unnecessary drawing.


  • Don’t Let the Dealer Win

Even though the game’s goal is to get the biggest value, it doesn’t actually matter when the dealer can surpass yours. So, it makes sense to counter the dealer’s cards instead of looking for big cards. For example, keep stand on dealer’s 46 with total 11 is a good decision because they will probably bust and you will bust by hitting first. The main idea here is to avoid busting on the player or both sides. How to do it is simple; hit when the dealer is unlikely to bust, stand when it’s the opposite, double when bust is unlikely, and split when you have a pair and the dealer is likely to bust.


  • Know When to Leave

When you know how to deal with each situation, it’s hard not to win. However, be careful not to get ahead of yourself. In case you are playing on inland casino, look at the pit boss behavior. If they glare to you, talk to you, take notes around you, or taking their phone as they see you leave quietly. If you are playing online, take notes of the dealer’s expression and attitude. Sometimes, they will reshuffle the decks as a sign for you to leave. When players are too good, they will be suspected to count cards. So, it’s best to play and win moderately to avoid being kicked out.


  • Rely on Online Betting Sites

Online betting sites have a lot of relevant tips that can be used in both online and inland gaming. It’s never a bad idea to check them out – some even give away tips for free. If you are playing online, there are lots of great deals that you can get in the site. Check out QQ808 and QQ820 for instance. Both sites have nice offers for blackjack and any other games on site.

As you can see, there are many different methods other than card counting that will help you in blackjack and playing online casino games. Of course, this doesn’t mean card counting users should just quit – we are suggesting alternatives for maximum winning chances. Feel free to get creative with them and good luck!