What do you know from baccarat? Yes, it is a casino card game that will ask you to choose which hand, banker or player that has bigger value. However, there are so many types of baccarat for those who are beginners at online casino one of them is 7 seat baccarat. Here is how to play 7 seat baccarat, so you can choose it in the next betting time.

How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat

How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat
How to Play 7 Seat Baccarat
  • Deposit an Enough Amount of Money

This is an important thing to do. You should deposit an enough amount of money. Because in this game you will take turn with other six players, you should place your bet seven times, including on your turn. If you fail to place a bet, you will be considered not playing and will be automatically replaced by other player. So make sure that you deposit enough money to play in this game, at least until one round is finished.

  • Start to Count

In 7 Seat Baccarat, you must build a hand with value as close as possible to nine. The cards will be:

  • Ace : one
  • 2-9 : as it is
  • 10-King : zero

How if you get ten or more value cards? What will be used is just the last number or in the other words you should subtract the value with ten. For example, if you have 11 value cards, it will just be considered as one because the last number is one and 11-10 is one.

  • Choose which Hands

Just similar to the classic baccarat, you should choose between player’s (may be yours) or banker’s hand that have cards closely to nine. You can also make a tie bet in this kind of game. You will get two cards and you will predict which one is closely to nine. If you win the winning money will be paid 2:1 and if you bet in the tie and you are success, the payouts will be 8:1.

  • Side Bets

The interesting from this game is its side bets. You can play Banker Pair, Either Pair, Player Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small side bets. You can play them along with the main bet or just do the side bet. Those bets are related to the first two cards dealt. It will add more fun and of course more money.

  • Split Card

To increase your winning, this is a fair way in playing baccarat game. Usually the game will use more than one deck of cards that will be shuffled in front of the players. Then, to make it fairer and failed your counting –card strategy, if you use it, the dealer will announce that the cards will be shuffled when split card is drawn. All of the cards will be taken and will be shuffled in front of the players, so you can watch the fair shuffling process.

Now you know how to play 7 seat baccarat, then what are you waiting for? Let’s start to play the game and get those bunch of jackpot. Just have some fun and the fund will be yours.

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