Betsoft is a famous online slot games developer. It will never fail you in matter of quality of picture and sound to accompany the excitement of playing slot games. You can try one of the best slot games that it has, Good Girl Bad Girl. If you are still doubt about this game, here is Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft Game Review for you to have more understanding in the game.

Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft Game Review

Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft Game Review
Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft Game Review

Common Features

Actually this game is not really different from any other slot games that Betsoft has. This game has five reels which has 15 possible paylines. You can place a bet for each payline minimum of 1 coin and maximum for 5 coins. You also can place bet in all payline, but just make sure that you do not pass the minimum or maximum amount of bet for each spin.

  • Bad Girl or Good Girl

In the beginning of game, you will be asked to choose whether you want to follow bad girl or good girl. If you want a big amount of jackpot, you can choose the bad girl then. The bad girl side will give you higher payouts but of course with higher risk that you should face. It is just similar to progressive jackpots that will give you big jackpot but with small chance of winning. It will be risky, but if you like to have a challenge, then you should choose the bad girl.

If you want to play safe and sound, just choose the good girl. It may not give you a big amount of jackpot, but it will ensure you to have several small winnings continuously. You still can win the jackpot of course, but you will not meet the progressive jackpot.

You can choose side? Just do not worry. You can choose the third way to play this game which is using the combo. You can play both ways, good and bad one. However, you should pay more for this kind of feature. It will not only double the excitement, but also double the amount of bet that you should place in each payline.

You can choose whatever you want but many bettors say to stay with the good girl. It will not give you a big amount of money, unless you place maximum bet for every available payline which are 15 paylines. Then, you can collect a big-enough amount of money from every small winning from each payline.

  • Exciting Entertainment

Of course it is. Betsoft will not let you play the out dated game. Good Girl Bad Girl is a 3D slot game so you can enjoy the good graphic while playing the game. The symbols which are used in this game is also really well-thought. They match the theme well, you can see heaven and hell items in this game.

After reading and analyzing Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft Game Review, you will know that this game is very tantalizing. So, what are you waiting for? Try this game form the famous developer and you will get never-end excitement. Happy betting!

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