In online casino, you may familiar with card games or slot games. However, casino table game is not only about card games because there is also a dice game. One of the most commonly known casino dice game is Sic Bo. Sic bo is an oriental casino game which uses three dice with unique table layout. The game is mostly popular in Asia, especially Macau casino. Actually, Sic Bo is a game of luck but you need to get ready to win Sic Bo with these tips and to have best move to win in sic bo game.

Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips

Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips
Get Ready to Win Sic Bo with These Tips

Betting on Small or Big

In playing Sic Bo, the best betting that the players can choose is either small bet or big bet. The chance of winning is higher for the small or big bet. Small bet is when the players expect that the total sum of the three dice is around 4 to 10. Meanwhile, big bet is when they expect on around 11 to 17. The name itself can describe the aim of each bet. For the big bet, the odds are 1:1 so the players have less winning money compared to the small bet. Yet, the chance of winning is greater.

In Sic Bo rules, you may realize that placing bet on single number can make you win more money than the average. However, the opportunity to win on single number betting is lower. Therefore, if you want to bet on single number, you need to focus only at single dice and predict which number that will up.

Using Combinations Betting

As its name, for the combination bet, the players place their bet on two numbers. By this betting, the players have house edge only around 2.77% while the odds is 6:1. It means, among the seven bets, you are expected to win at least once. If you want to success with combination bet, you need to use this betting frequently. Moreover, if you also want to be master of sic bo, then combination bet is far riskier compared to the other bet.

Avoid the Triples Bet

Not only betting on two numbers, the players are also able to bet on three numbers. However, it is very risky since the odd is 180:1. It means, if you lose, you will lose all your money. Because of its risk, many Sic Bo players tend to avoid this kind of betting. So, if you want to win the sic bo, it is better to avoid the triples bet. It is riskier than you think.

Betting System Is Not Always Work

The players can use betting system during playing sic bo, similar to the other casino games. Nevertheless, you need to realize that the betting system will not always work well. In other words, sic bo betting system will not guarantee any profit. Sic bo is about luck so that using betting system will not always work as you are expected. Therefore, sometimes you may believe in your luck rather than using strategies.

Get ready to win sic bo with these casino tips for beginners will lead you into the good play of sic bo. No need to worry about winning big or small, since it is a game of luck, successfully win the game is already a good thing for you.

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