In the slots world, there are some types of slots machine, however the most common is the classic slots and modern slots. The classic slot is also known as reels while the modern slot is known as video slot. From its name, it is clear that the classic slots is older than the modern slots. Nevertheless, there are many slot players who still play the classic slots. So, actually Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better? Here, the answer is revealed in playing online slot.

Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?

Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?
Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better?

The Pay Line

Talking about slots game also means talking about pay line. Each slot machine has different options of pay line. Modern slots have more pay lines options than the classic slot machine does. The classic slot mostly has only one pay lines for the three reels but some machines also have three or even five pay lines. Meanwhile, the modern slots have hundreds and even thousands pay lines for each spin.

The Jackpot

Both of Classic slots and modern slots offer the progressive slot machines. Regarding the jackpot values, both of the slots give similar value. Nevertheless, some slot games only give the opportunity to win the game if the players activate all the pay lines or put the maximum. So, before playing the progressive slot, you should read the pay tables and the rules so you know how you will play the game and how big your chance is.

The Bonus

Online slot games is excel in giving bonuses. However, comparing the classic and modern slots, the modern slots have more bonuses. The bonus from classic slots may only in the form of free spinning but in the modern slots, the bonus is in the form of free spinning and also bonus round. Therefore, if you are looking for more excitement and high chance of getting the bonuses, the modern slot suits you best.

The Theme

Slot games are famous for the captivating different themes for each game. However, most of the classic slots do not use a theme. Classic slots offer the slot symbols only as the imagery. Meanwhile, modern slot is the opposite. It offers more realistic symbols along with the fascinating theme. So, in the aspect of the theme, the modern slot is more preferable.

The New Released

Slot game has many lovers therefore many slots game providers always create new slot games for a certain length of time. Since the modern slot is getting popular, the providers tend to release a new slot games for modern slot more often than the classic slot. So, if you look for more various and unique games, the modern slot offers more than the classic slot. Every month, there will be new slots game with different theme yet fun to play.

So, Classic Slots vs Modern Slots – Which is better? actually both of them are the best and real slot. Actually, the modern slots have more privilege compared to the classic slot. However, the classic slot still has its appeal to the casino players. As a fact, there are many players still fond of the classic slot. Basically, it depends on your taste.

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