Betsoft is one of the best online casino game providers and it has numerous game titles that you can enjoy, including slot games. If you are interested in the slot games, you need to try Gladiator and to win this game, you need to know Betsoft Gladiator slot payouts information that will help you to get more winnings.

Betsoft Gladiator Slot Payouts Information

Betsoft Gladiator Slot Payouts Information
Betsoft Gladiator Slot Payouts Information
  • Symbol Combinations

Gladiator slot is an ancient Greek themed slot with interesting story to follow. You will find several symbols in this game and those symbols have different credit if they are combined. This slot game is the video slot type with 30 different lines to bet on and the minimum coin to bet on is 1 per line.

Those symbols have different credits if you combine them together. Since Gladiator slot is the video slot type, you will be able to get the bonus round by combining the wild symbols and the scatter symbols. The wild symbol is the princess symbol and another special symbol is the doorway symbol that will lead you to the bonus game. The scatter symbol for this slot game is the coliseum symbol.

  • Payout

As previously mentioned, there are several symbols used in this Gladiator slot game. You will be able to take the credits if the symbols are lined on three rows consecutively from left reel to right reel on the line you bet on.

The first symbol is the warrior symbols, and if they are lined up on three reels to five reels, you will be able to get 80 to 400. Then for the horse symbol, you will get 20 to 100 if they are lined up on three reels to five reels.

The third symbols will be the sword and shield, and the ball and chain. Those symbols have the same credits if you lined them consecutively on three reels or more, and he credits will be 50 to 250. The fourth symbols are bag of gold, goblet, and flag. Those symbols have the lower credit among other symbols which is from 5 to 75. Then the last symbol is the coliseum symbol and this symbol has the biggest prize among other symbols from 60 to 750.

  • Features

There are several features that you can get if you are able to combine certain symbols in certain reels. The first feature is the Wild 2X when you are able to place the princess symbol in the first top reel on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The second feature is the Gladiator Smash that is triggered if you place the warrior symbol in the third reel. Then, if you are able to combine 3 or more door symbols, you can play the bonus game called Click Me which will give you the instant reward.

After you have known the Betsoft Gladiator slot payouts information, you are advised to think it through before playing it. This information will be the guidelines for you to calculate your own chance of winning. If you are interested in playing this slot game, you can always go to QQ808, the most trusted online casino site in Malaysia.

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